CTRA is pleased to be introducing a CTRA membership verification system whereby employers, national partners and members of the public are able to check whether a member is active with CTRA.

CTRA Members can also input their name and find their current registration status and CTRA membership number for accessing webinar registrations, partner discount codes and preferred conference rates.

This Membership Check is for general information only.  The information for the external membership check is maintained solely by CTRA staff.  CTRA keeps our membership information current and accurate and our website is secure and updated in real time.  A Membership Check may be necessary for partner membership discounts, employment applications and employment records.  For a written membership confirmation or more specific information, please contact our Membership Registrar at membership@canadian-tr.org or Executive Director at exectutivedirector@canadian-tr.org.  CTRA does not authorize or agree to any damages resulting from incorrect or incomplete information that may be provided within our Membership Check.

To conduct a CTRA Membership Check:

Please begin the Membership Check procedure by visiting our CTRA Membership Check Portal and inputting the CTRA Member’s name.  

You can refine your search by filtering member by province.  You may search by last, first or maiden name.  If no match is found, this may indicate that the individual is not a currently an active CTRA member or the information entered is not accurate.  Please double check spelling.  If you experience any problems with the CTRA Membership Check process, please contact CTRA by emailing Website Admin at websiteadmin@canadian-tr.org.

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