Membership Designations

Please note that membership criteria and fees have changed for the 2016/2017 membership year as of April 1st 2013.  Any CTRA member who allows their membership to lapse for 1 year or more, will be required to re-apply for membership as a new member.  Click here for the Membership Categories and Criteria Document or see info below.

Membership Designations

Professional Members (CTRS) – Individuals who are Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists as certified by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification. If the certification number provided is invalid, you will be asked to re-apply in another membership category.

Professional Members – Individuals who are currently practicing, supervising, educating or on leave from the field of Therapeutic Recreation (for a maximum of 3 years) and have graduated with a diploma/baccalaureate degree in therapeutic recreation/recreation therapy or individuals who have graduated with a recreation/leisure services diploma/baccalaureate degree with a major/focus in therapeutic recreation from an accredited post-secondary institution.

Professional members currently practicing in Therapeutic Recreation are responsible for conducting client assessments, developing client intervention plans, documenting changes in a client’s progress and evaluating the results to determine if goals and objectives are achieved.

Professional Members are required to have completed:

• At least 3 core Therapeutic Recreation Courses – A core Therapeutic Recreation (TR) course will have TR in the title on your academic transcript.

Recognition agreements exist with the following provincial organizations and their respective membership categories. If you are a member of BCTRA, ATRA, or TRO in one the membership categories listed below, you do not need to complete the CTRA Academic Requirements Form.

BCTRA – Professional, ATRA – Professional, TRO – R/TRO. Please provide your respective provincial association registration number.

As per CTRA Joint agreement with ATRA and BCTRA – professional members have to be registered with ATRA and BCTRA.

Please note: For Recreation Therapists who have been practicing for a substantial period of time, (generally 10+ years) other health related degree titles may be considered, although extra Therapeutic Recreation coursework may be required. Also, Recreation Therapists who were awarded provincial grandfathered membership are also invited to register as professional members. Please indicate when and where grandfathered membership was awarded.

Supporting Members – Individuals who are interested in furthering the objectives of CTRA and therapeutic recreation, but are ineligible to be a professional or student member or Individuals who are eligible to be a professional member, but have since retired from the field of Therapeutic Recreation.

Student Members – Individuals who are pursuing a diploma or baccalaureate degree in therapeutic recreation/recreation therapy/recreation/leisure services.

Professional Members (CTRS)

Without Provincial Membership $200.00
With Provincial Membership $100.00

Professional Members

Without Provincial Membership $200.00
With Provincial Membership $100.00

Supporting Members

Without Provincial Membership $200.00
With Provincial Membership $100.00

Student Members

Without Provincial Membership $50.00
With Provincial Membership $25.00

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