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The purpose of the Saskatchewan – Manitoba chapter is to advance the association’s mission at a local level, to increase membership and participation, as well as increase opportunities for CTRA members living within both provinces.

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Chapter Executives

Taylor Owens

I currently work as a Recreation Therapist in inpatient Physical Rehab at Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. I work with patients with spinal cord injuries, amputations, and neuromuscular disorders. I love implementation! It’s so exciting and fulfilling to see my clients engage in leisure activities they never thought possible/didn’t know existed.
I was originally part of the Chapter Committee, which worked incredibly hard to get the Chapter established. After the Chapter came to be, it felt like a natural next step to help represent Manitoba on the Board. I’m passionate about improving professional quality of life for all our members in both provinces! Personally, I would love to see increased networking opportunities and increased access to good quality continuing education. I want to ensure our TR Professionals are recognized for their hard work and numerous contributions to the health care system by getting a seat at the table. Lastly, and most importantly, I want to see an improved understanding about what TR really is, and its importance in the health care system!
My leisure interests are reading, yoga, walking, hosting dinner parties, trying new craft beers, travelling, and video games!

Sara Stukings

I work as a Regional Recreation Therapist with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (former Cypress Health Region) working in Long Term Care.

My favourite part of the TR Process would have to be the assessment process, this is the time where I have the opportunity to really get to know my clients and what makes them, them. I get the opportunity to find out what their passions are, where they came from, and create programming that is focused on their needs, passions, and history.

I decided to sit on the board of the Chapter as I am very passionate about the field of Therapeutic Recreation, and believe that increasing the advocacy for the profession within Saskatchewan is important in moving forward and increasing services for our clientele across the province.

Sabrina Logan

I am working as a Recreation Therapist with the Community Older Adult team with the Saskatchewan Health Authority. My main role is co-lead in our community fall prevention program for older adults.

My favourite part of the TR process has to be implementation. I really love watching the clients participate (and of course have fun!) in meaningful programs and leisure activities.

Being new to the province of Saskatchewan (originally from Ontario), and having an opportunity to sit on the board for the Chapter has been a great opportunity for me to see how the world of TR works in a different province and to be a part of advocating for the profession. As I am still fairly new to the province, I have a lot to learn still in regards to improvements that can be made in the field here specifically. However, from years in the roll as a Recreation Therapist I can speak in a general sense that I would like to see the continued advocacy of the profession, to ensure Recreation Therapy is viewed as valuable and of equal importance in the healthcare field.

I personally love to travel and engage in all things outdoorsy: hiking, canoeing, camping…

Mary Dwuilt

I work as a Recreation Therapist in Community and the Convalescent Unit at Saskatoon City Hospital.

I love getting to know clients stories, their barriers and strengths. When clients learn about what’s still possible and the spark in their eyes when they are participating. Also, knowing that their quality of life will be better for participating in activities they enjoy.

I wanted to be a part of moving the profession forward in the Prairies and making positive change in the field.

I would like to see more standardization and regulation across Canada so that we are on an equal playing field with our allied health colleagues.

Kathy Park

I work as a Recreation Therapist for the Adult Rehabilitation Program at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre (WRC). I provide Recreation Therapy (RT) services to outpatient clients with neurological and/or orthopaedic conditions. The RT services that I provide focus on leisure lifestyle education and community re-integration.

My favourite part of the TR process is different for each client I am treating. Some clients are excited to explore what RT has to offer and the process begins quickly. Other clients are like an onion and you need to peel one layer at time to truly determine their strengths, needs and interests (often because they have never been asked to examine their leisure lifestyle until now).

I decided to sit on the board because I was nicely asked by Dr. Rebecca Genoe and I feel it is important to be involved – it is as simple as that!

I would like to see the support for certification increase in our province. When I began the journey of pursuing certification it seemed so unattainable with work and family. However, as difficult as it was retaking classes with all the perks of writing papers and studying for exams – so glad I did! I would like to see more consistency with hiring CTRS’s who can provide the full spectrum of TR services.

Leisure activities that I enjoy doing with my family are playing board games, watching movies, visiting places of interest. I also enjoy reading, walking, gardening, watching my son curl or play ball and hanging out with my daughter talking about art.

Sherri Nelson

I am currently employed P/T as SHA (Saskatoon) Practice Leader, Recreation Therapy in the SHA Clinical Standards and Professional Practice Portfolio and P/T as a Clinical Recreation Therapist at the Saskatoon City Hospital Rehabilitation Centre.

My favorite part of the TR process starts at the first moment I meet my client and their family and the subsequent development and nurturing of the therapeutic relationship that follows. Research shows the therapeutic relationship is essential for successful client outcomes in therapy and I view it as key to influencing positive change in my clients.
My goal with every client is treating the person as a unique individual, treating them holistically and valuing them as an active partner in their care. As a Recreation Therapist I work hard at empowering clients and helping them discover and use their own personal resources to ensure they remain in control of decisions made around Recreation Therapy services received.

I was thrilled to hear when CTRA approved development of Chapters for provinces that did not have a Recreation Therapy/TR professional association. I knew immediately I wanted to be involved with the formation and growth of this chapter. SK and MB are ripe for efforts focused on promoting and advancing the Recreation Therapy profession in both provinces.

I would like to see increased recognition of the essential service Recreation Therapy provides in acute care, long term care and in the community. Additionally, I would like to see broader representation of Recreation Therapy services with other sites/populations not currently served, increased numbers of trained Recreation Therapy positions in LTC Homes and improved access to quality Recreation Therapy education opportunities for staff.

My leisure interests include walking for exercise, gardening/canning, bicycling, reading, connecting socially with family and friends, travel and baking.

Open Position!

If interested please contact us at sk-mbchapter@canadian-tr.org

Dani Rathgeber

I am currently in Year 2 of the Therapeutic Recreation Diploma Program.

Working in Dietary and Recreation the past 5 years under Sask Health Authority, introduced me to Therapeutic Recreation Profession and I knew right away this was the career I wanted to pursue. I love that I am able to provide therapy through leisure and recreation and increase quality of life while doing it.

Post-grad I would like to continue working with older adults whom live with a diagnosis of dementia or independent older adults in a independent living facility setting.

I really enjoy working, so when I’m not doing that back in my hometown, I enjoy cooking, baking, organizing, reading, and finding fun leisure activities with family and friends.

Jeanette Orpe

As a transfer student from the Engineering Faculty at the U of R, I decided to pursue a career in TR because I love recreation and working with people. I was instantly drawn to TR because of the holistic approach to enhancing the quality of people’s lives.

Post-Grad I would like to work with people that are incarcerated and indigenous/non-indigenous youth in the justice system.

When I’m not busy being a student or working two jobs I enjoy playing sports, going to sporting events, thrifting new books, cooking and refurbishing furniture.

The SK-MB Chapter is proud to offer our members the following free webinars:

Therapeutic Recreation in LTC – Oh the Possibilities!

Presented by Camille Lesiuk, CTRS and Sara Stukings, CTRS
CE Pre-Approved
To view the webinar – click here

A Recreation Therapist’s Journey – Create, Network, Advocate

Presented by Nathan Lamaster
CE Pre-Approved
To view the webinar – Click Here

The SK-MB Chapter sent a letter to both the Saskatchewan and Manitoba Ministries of Health to advocate for the Therapeutic Recreation profession during the first few months of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Chapter continues to work on further advocacy pursuits to support our members at a provincial level.

To read the letters, please follow the links below:

Letter to Manitoba Minister of Health – Click Here

Letter to Saskatchewan Minister of Health – Click Here

Therapeutic Recreation in Saskatchewan: Executive Summary – Click Here

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