CTRA BOD Update November 2020

On November 18, 2020 the CTRA Board of Directors and the CTRA Staff met and the following are a few highlights of what was discussed.

  • CTRA BOD met and welcomed two brand new members to our board. Our new Western Director: Melissa D’souza and Marketing Director: Chelsea Crockford.  Thank you for stepping into these roles and volunteering to be part of our CTRA Board.
  • Following our AGM last night, the BOD met and did a little debrief of our first ever virtual AGM. We feel there were successes with doing this as it allows for more flexibility.  However, we know there were also some frustrations with this type of process.  Please hear us when we say we will try to get better with the online virtual process.  But, also feel free to touch base with any of our BOD and staff to voice concerns and even possibly solutions for improving this type of communication.
  • Communities of Practice were discussed and what will be needed from our 5 areas of practice (Older Adults, Mental Health and Addictions, Rehabilitation, Community, and Adolescents and Youth) in order to launch our resource center on the CTRA website.
  • Strategic Plan: We discussed five major areas that the BOD would like to focus on in the up coming year. Stay tuned for an e-blast coming soon with more info on our 5 Pillars.
  • We discussed the Chapters and made some decisions to finalize details to allow an e-blast that can go out to support SARP and CTRA’s relationship with the new chapter developed.
  • As everyone is entering the December season and a very busy time for our profession, the BOD discussed taking the month of December off to focus on our workplace and family. The agenda for the January meeting was discussed and how we need to hit the ground running in 2021.  If there are items, you feel your CTRA BOD needs to be discussing please feel free to drop us a line.
  • The BOD is also discussing COVID resources and really want to be able to support our members during these unprecedented times. Stay connected to the website and look for our e-blast to see resources to support ourselves and clients in our care.  If you would like to share resources regarding “surviving COVID” please feel free to let us know.  A COVID survey will be sent out shortly in order to gain further information from you, our members.

The CTRA Board of Directors is here for you! Stay safe and connected as we all navigate through COVID together!

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