Reminder to Keep Our Heads Held High

To all of our Members + Colleagues,

I thought I would take this time to write you all a quick note regarding how important Recreation Therapy has been during this pandemic. We have been vital in ensuring residents quality of life can remain as high as possible during these challenging times, through a number of different interventions including: continuing to connect families with their love ones using technology, adapting in person programming to virtual, and ensuring our clients well-being is top priority.

We are difference makers within the teams we are part of, we are essential, and we are valued. Please hold your heads high during this challenging fourth wave and reminder your self that you are doing what Recreation Therapists are all meant to do; supporting people.

I encourage you to keep an eye on our Provincial Partner organizations as there have been some great program ideas coming from through them. There is also Recreation specific Facebook page that other ideas have been shared. 

Finally, remember that the CTRA supports all that you are doing! We are essential.  I know that your provincial associations are there to support you as well.  Heads held high everyone, and remember to find time in your day for some self care too!

Kind Regards,

Glenn Skimming
President CTRA

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